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J. Bird Artisan Concrete - a passion project turned small business - was created by owner Julie Bancroft out of her home of the Outer Banks. Her natural artistic abilities, attention to detail, and incredible work ethic has led her to the creation of j.bird artisan concrete. While studying business management and helping her husband, David, fabricate concrete countertops Julie discovered her love for concrete. She quickly learned the endless possibilities when working with concrete, pigments, and aggregate which have led to a vast collection of concrete decor. She has earned the reputation of being reliable, consistent, meticulous, and extremely talented here on the Outer Banks. Not to mention her highly trafficked Etsy site that has been viewed over a million times. She treats every day in the shop as her time for honing her craft and always pushing the boundaries of what concrete can do.


She now works alongside her trusty helper Taiona and their loyal shop dogs Rocky and Chunk. With such a small crew, you can ensure that each piece purchased from their shop has been crafted with care, detail, and most importantly - fun!

About Concrete

Concrete is an amazing medium that allows for the creativity and flexibility to create unique pieces.  Each piece is thoughtfully curated by hand using small batches of concrete. We hand sand each piece with a special pneumatic diamond polisher and seal with a food grade concrete sealer and wax. Silicone or cork feet are placed on the bottom of most pieces to protect surfaces from scratching. We pay meticulous attention to detail to ensure your piece is of the best possible quality we provide.

Concrete has an inherent natural beauty. It is, by nature, an incredibly porous material. Please expect small air bubbles in the concrete and possible variations in color. It will patina and change over time depending on its use. Please keep in mind that while every piece is sealed and waxed sitting water, soap, or oil can penetrate the sealer and leave rings/spots.

Why Choose J.Bird?

Concrete decor has quickly been gaining popularity with the desired modern look of homes. You will see many different sellers of these types of items online, so why choose ours? Years of research and refinement have gone into the creation of our products so we can provide our customers with the highest quality that we are proud of. We embrace the natural imperfections of concrete as a porous material, but use the best sealer and wax to protect from extreme staining and wear. By shopping J.Bird Artisan Concrete, you are also supporting a small, woman-owned business and we are endlessly grateful for our amazing customers.